Where can I find your Relief Clipart, Vector and Component Libraries?

You can download an archive containing the latest:


Carveco Maker and Carveco Maker+ users should not download the Component Library installer, as its content is not compatible with either of those two products. If you are not using Version: 1.17 Build: 2020-07-27-0736-50338108 or above of any Carveco product, do not install the Vector Library.

By default, files are downloaded to C:\Users\<Username>\Downloads\ on your computer, where <Username> is the user name associated with your Windows user account.

To extract the archive, right-click the downloaded .zip file and select the Extract All context menu option. Once extracted, a folder is created containing an .exe file; this .exe file is the library installer.

To install the downloaded library of your choice:

  1. Shut down your Carveco software.
  2. Right-click the extracted .exe file, select the Run as administrator context menu option and complete the installation process as directed.


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