I cannot see the Project panel in my Carveco software. How do I restore it?

The Project panel, docked on the right side of your Carveco software's interface by default, contains the Project tree and the tools associated with its different items.

To toggle the display of the Project panel, select the Windows > Toolbars and Docking Windows > Project menu option while working in an open model. When the Project panel is visible, a check mark is displayed beside this menu option.

If the Project panel cannot be seen despite the Windows > Toolbars and Docking Windows > Project menu option being toggled on, select the Window > Reset Layout menu option to restore the default workspace layout in your Carveco software.
If the Project panel still cannot be seen:

  1. Select the File > Close Model menu option. If you cannot see the File menu option, press the Alt+F+C keys. If you're prompted to save any changes to your model, click Yes to keep them.
  2. Select the Window > Reset Workspace menu option. If you cannot see the Window menu option, press the Alt+W keys to display the Window menu, and then select Reset Workspace from it. A message box is displayed warning that restoring the default workspace results in all interface customization being lost.
  3. Click Yes. A message box is displayed confirming the workspace has been reset and asking whether you want to restart your Carveco software.
  4. Click Yes to restart your Carveco software.

If these steps fail to restore the Project panel in your Carveco software, please submit a Support Request to ask for assistance.

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