TIM6 error20

I"m trying to do my first Carveco Maker dished reliefs tutorial.

! did the tutorial in maker. Set the G code for candle .

Now I'm getting  TIM6 error20 ,

Can anyone tell what this is and how to fix it?




  • Hi Robert Marshall,

    Please confirm the manufacturer and model of your CNC machine.

    Please confirm the exact name of the post processor option you're selecting from the Save Toolpaths dialog's Machine file format list when saving your calculated toolpaths from Carveco Maker.

    The error message you've encountered suggests that you're attempting to save more than one toolpath, each making use of different tools, into a single file. If you do not have a tool changer, ensure that you save toolpaths which make use of different tools separately.

    Without you providing a screenshot of your Save Toolpaths dialog confirming which tools you've chosen to use when calculating your toolpaths, we can only suggest that you select the Save Toolpaths dialog's Save toolpaths to separate files check box prior to saving your toolpaths.

    Please watch the following demonstration video included in our Carveco Fundamentals training course: Saving Toolpaths

    Thanks for your time and consideration. 

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  • 1.FoxAlien 4040 xe

    2. G-Code (inch) #tap

    I can;t take a screen shot.

    But i did see that there were 2 of the same toolpaths. I deleted one and will try again.

    Thanks bob

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  • Trued it again with the same error

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  • Hi Robert Marshall,

    Please try selecting the Grbl (inch) (*.gcode) post processor option when saving your calculated toolpaths from Carveco Maker, then loading the resulting toolpath output file (.gcode) into Candle and testing under safe conditions (dry run, air cut).

    Use the Snip & Sketch tool in Windows 10 to capture a screenshot and save it as an image file: Alternatively, use the Snipping tool:

    Thanks for your time and cooperation.

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