Can I use Carveco software on my computer or device?

To be used efficiently, Carveco software requires particular hardware components and other software resources. These are commonly referred to as system requirements.

To check and confirm whether a computer on which you're intending to install and activate your Carveco software meets our system requirements:

  1. Download the Suitability Checker. A file is downloaded to your computer. A browser's default download location is C:\Users\<Username>\Downloads\, where <Username> is the username associated with your Windows® user account.
  2. Right-click the downloaded file, then select the Extract All context menu option. The Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders dialog is displayed, showing the location on your computer where the contents of the file are to be extracted.
  3. Click Extract. A Carveco-Suitability-1.1.exe file is extracted to a new folder named Carveco-Suitability-1.1 and a file named Carveco-Suitability-1.1.exe is shown within it.
  4. Double-click the Carveco-Suitability-1.1.exe file. The Carveco Software Suitability checker starts, completes seven checks against your computer and presents the results, each with a Pass or Fail status.
  5. From the results, click an item to display information about why that particular component does or does not meet our system requirements. Click OK to close the displayed message. 
    Where your computer fails to meet one or more of our system requirements, choose a different computer or submit a Support Request to ask for further guidance.
  6. Click OK. The Carveco Software Suitability closes.
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