How do I remove a payment method?

You can remove any payment method which is not currently assigned to a subscription.

To delete a payment method:

  1. Click Manage My Subscription. A new browser tab is created, on which options to manage elements of your subscription and online store account are shown. The Subscriptions menu option is selected by default.

    If a message is displayed stating that your email address is not recognized or a Recharge page is displayed prompting you to type your email address and click Send link, this indicates that you have not:

    In this situation, please submit a Support Request to ask for assistance with removing a payment method.

  2. Click the Payment methods menu option. A list of available payment methods is displayed alongside an option to add a new credit or debit card.
  3. From the Payment Methods list, click to select the payment method you want to remove. A summary of the payment method's details is shown alongside options for removing the payment method, for changing the billing details, and for assigning subscriptions to the payment method.
  4. Click Delete. A message is displayed asking whether you want to remove the payment method.
  5. Click Remove. The payment method is removed and an updated Payment Methods list is shown.
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