How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel any subscription purchased from our online store. Doing so stops all further charges associated with it. Soon after the scheduled renewal date in the cancelled subscription is reached, the license expires and you lose all use of the software on your computer.

Cancelling a subscription does not:

To cancel a subscription:

  1. Click Manage My Subscription. A new browser tab is created, on which options to manage elements of your subscription and online store account are shown. The Subscriptions menu option is selected by default.

    If a message is displayed stating that your email address is not recognized or a Recharge page is displayed prompting you to type your email address and click Send link, this indicates that you have not:

    In this situation, please submit a Support Request to ask for assistance with cancelling your subscription.

  2. Below the Active Subscriptions heading, click to select the subscription you want to cancel:


    A page of settings is displayed
  3. Scroll down, then click Cancel subscription:


    A column of settings is displayed on the right.
  4. Click to select a reason for cancelling your subscription. For example, I no longer use this product.
  5. Click Next. A message box is displayed along with a Cancel button below it.
  6. In the message box, type any information you want to add to help us better understand the reason for cancelling your subscription.
  7. Click Cancel. Your subscription is cancelled and no further charges are incurred in relation to it.
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